Grand Theft Auto V Online revealed by Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V Online revealed by RockstarThe Grand Theft Auto franchise has never had huge influences from its multiplayer, in Vice City and San Andreas there was no multiplayer options and with Grand Theft Auto IV it seemed like a half-baked attempt at some game types with two interesting rounds.

Rockstar loves to build open worlds and with the next generation coming closer and closer, they have designed Grand Theft Auto Online mode that is scheduled to make gamers feel part of the world, in the same way an MMO RPG might.

The single player will still be full single player, with the three main characters playable and thousands of hours of gameplay, stories, mini-stories, plane-fights, police-chases and raids to sink into. The multiplayer will be built on this idea as well, missions and real open world gameplay, instead of fixed match types.

Grand Theft Auto V

The fixed match types will still be available, but instead of setting them up in a lobby, people will match make in the multiplayer universe. As we see it, the multiplayer will be about open world exploration in parallel with other gamers.

Rockstar has never made an ambitious multiplayer, LA Noire, Bully, Red Dead and other top games from the developer have had incredible single player with immersive gameplay and incredible voice acting, but they never adapted the game for a multiplayer world.

Grand Theft Auto V Online will be the first big step into this world and Rockstar may port this over onto the Xbox One and PS4 without the single player. The studio said they will continue to adapt the universe, adding in different elements gamer’s request.

This type of multiplayer universe is going to be on lots of games for the next generation, with Watch Dogs, Destiny, Tom Clancy: The Division, Elder Scrolls: Online and other MMO’s and multiplayer RPGs coming to the next generation consoles.

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