Google’s Android May Ship 1.1 Billion Devices in 2014 According to Gartner

Google Android 1.1 Billion Devices in 2014Google Inc’s mobile operating system Android is expected to continue taking the bigger pie of market share in 2014. According to latest data and annual projections from IT advisory firm Gartner, the Google platform would possibly have over 1.1 billion shipments this year alone. This may indicate that it would continue its success streak despite aggressive campaigns from rivals.

In a statement, Gartner simply said that the volume vs. value equation would still remain this year. It reiterated that Android users would continue preferring to buy lower-cost devices that have Android system in those. In comparison, iOS users have to spend more on buying their Apple devices.

Comparatively, Gartner expects Microsoft Corp’s Windows to have about 360 million shipments this year. For Apple Inc, Mac and iOS combined shipments may reach about 344 million device shipments in the entire year.

Popularity of mobile phones

Gartner reiterated that the device market is continuously evolving. It does so as buyers decide over combination of machines or devices that they would invest in to meet their demands as well as needs. The company is certain that mobile phones would remain as among the most popular devices. But it thinks that sales growth of mobile phones would now grow at a slower pace.

The IT firm also forecasts the movement of opportunities away from top-end premium mobile devices into middle-end basic products. It projects that mobile phones would account for about 2 billion units of devices sold this year. Other ultra-mobiles like hybrids, tablets, and clamshells would continue to serve as major growth driver. Cell phone shipments may possibly jump 54% to about 40 million units this year.

Other devices

Meanwhile, PC sales are expected to continue going down. Gartner expects it to fall another 7% in 2014 to about 277 million units. That would be almost in the same volume with the forecast tablet market figures, which are forecast to reach 263 million shipments in the year.

Tablets would continue to be popular. That is because unlike their bulkier counterparts, the slates would more likely attract new users. This could be attributed to lower selling prices on the average and of course, the tablets’ portability. Another recent Gartner research has showed that most of the tablets used by consumers are now carried outside homes especially during activities like concerts and vacations.

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