Google unhappy with Samsung’s focus on its Tizen based smartwatch

Google unhappy with Samsung's focus on its Tizen based smartwatchOn the outside, Samsung and Google may look like the best of friends, given that Samsung’s devices make up more than half of the total Android market share worldwide. But on the inside, tension is slowly building up between these two tech giants.

According to the Information, tension is escalating between the two companies with regards to Samsung’s strategy with wearables.

Google released its Android Wear platform for wearables earlier this year and Samsung was one of the notable partners in this launch. However, Samsung is not just focusing on Android Wear for its  smartwatches which concerns Google.

After its first Galaxy Smartwatch running Android was released in 2013, Samsung moved on to its own Tizen OS for its second generation of smartwatches. The company released two new Tizen based wearables a few months back and it seems like Samsung is slowly adopting Tizen for its smartphones too.

According to the Information, Google CEO Larry Page met Samsung Vice President Jay Y. Lee at the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley where things got a bit tense between the two. Larry was not happy with Samsung because the company was reportedly investing more in its Tizen based smartwatches than its Android Wear smartwatch.

This was apparent from the fact that Samsung currently has two Tizen based smartwatches in the market, which are much better than its first generation version as opposed to a single Android Wear handset called Gear Live. So, Larry feels the company is not focusing on Android Wear and instead is busy developing its own Tizen based devices.

Information adds that Larry even criticized Samsung for releasing an Android based smartwatch last year which was far from perfect, instead of waiting for a more specific Android version built for wearables. Finally, Page is not happy that Samsung is creating and installing its own apps which rival Google’s apps on its devices.

But things might not be as bad as the Information reports. Sundar Pichai, in an interview with Wired said last month that both the companies felt that they needed to coordinate to provide a great user experience.

“Samsung and us are in this together for a very long run because it makes sense for us to be in it together to win,” Sundar Pichai said to Wired. “I view us as fellow travelers. We realize unless we coordinate, we won’t be able to produce a great user experience.”

So, we don’t think these companies will turn against each other anytime soon. And we do hope that they sort out their problems internally without sacrificing the interest of the user in the near future.

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