Google to launch Android TV at Google I/O

Google to launch Android TV at Google I/OGoogle I/O developer’s conference will kick off today and we have already listed out some of the possible announcements at the event. There, we had mentioned about Google’s Android TV, but that was just a wild guess and we were not sure whether Google had finalized the product.

However, looks like Android TV may be real end of the day, because multiple websites, including the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Google will release at least one Android TV at the event. These devices will most likely be branded by a third party OEM running Google’s Android software. There are several versions in the works with different processors and features, so multiple OEMs may have partnered up with Google for launching this new product.

Google is not new to the TV business and the Google TV which was announced way back in 2010 was probably its first entry into the TV market. The device allowed users to access the web and search for listings with ease, but it failed to provide access to famous websites like Hulu or ABC network, which affected the sales of the device adversely.

Then the Mountain View giant announced Chromecast, the USB stick which would stream your favorite content right to the television. The device was an instant hit, especially due to its cheap pricing, however, experts say that the initial curiosity has dwindled and the sales is falling down.

So, Google is probably in search of a long term project which would take the TV business by storm. Android TV could be its savior in this industry, but it won’t be the first such product in the market. There are many players in this crowded segment, including famous companies like Apple and Amazon, so things won’t be easy for this new entrant.

However, Google’s Android TV is not just about streaming content, as sources say that the device will give special attention to gaming. So apart from streaming videos and listening to music, the set up box will also let you play games.

A developer says that users will be able to ‘pause’ the game on their Android powered devices and continue the same on their TVs with this new box. The same person adds there’s also a split screen multiplayer game in development. So, Android TV should be able to capture the hearts of gaming fans. The set up box could be announced anytime in the next two days, so stay tuned for more information.

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