Google to develop smart contact lenses with Novartis

Google to develop smart contact lenses with NovartisGoogle X, the innovation hub of Google is known for its advanced and secretive projects. In fact, Google Glass, one of the first smart wearables in the market was a result of the research and development from the Google X team. There are many such projects currently being developed by the team like the Project Loon as well as the self-driving car, and the company just recently revealed that it’s working on a smart contact lens which will be able to measure the glucose levels in the body of a diabetic patient.

While this announcement was months back, today, the company revealed more details about the project along with its partnership with the Swiss drug manufacturing company, Novartis.

Novartis will basically license Google’s smart lens technology to put it to commercial use. The companies will collaborate to create a smart contact lens which will not only measure the glucose levels in the body but also help individuals who suffer from an eye condition called Presbyopia.

In this condition, individuals are unable to focus on anything, which makes it extremely hard to read. But with the smart lenses that Novartis aims to develop, people will be able to focus on subjects without using glasses. So, these new age lenses will be able to restore the normal autofocus of the human eye.

The lenses will also function as a glucose monitor in diabetic patients. This is possible because the lenses will continuously analyze the tear fluid in the patient’s eye and will transmit the information directly on to a mobile phone.

Google will be responsible for developing and integrating miniature electronic chips and sensors onto the device while Novartis will be looking after the development and commercialization of these smart contact lenses.

This partnership is great news for everyone as with Google’s tech expertise and Novartis’s experience and knowledge in the medical field, new and better smart medical products can be manufactured. The smart contact lens is one such smart example.

Smart contact lenses are extremely hard to develop due to its small size. But Google’s miniature chips and sensors along with a transmitter that’s thinner than a human hair made this all possible.

The good news is, this may not be the only product that the companies will develop. In the announcement, Novartis said that the company was looking forward to work with Google to meet unmet medical needs. So, we may see some more developments from this partnership in the future.

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