Google Set to Launch the Biggest Interactive Billboard in New York’s Time Square

Google Set to Launch the Biggest Interactive Billboard in New York’s Time SquareGoogle is poised to further bolster its banner promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is targeting to seize public attention by aiming to take over the biggest electronic billboard in New York City’s Time Square.

The interactive billboard literally covers an entire block of the city. It is powered by Mitsubishi Electric and is managed by Vornado Realty Trust and Clear Channel Spectacolor.  Thus, Google would lease it in time for the most important events that are upcoming in the next few weeks.

The billboard has a large-scale display as it delivers 2,368 X 10,048 pixels. That easily exceeds 4K display resolution by up to 15 million pixels.

The giant electronic billboard is situated at 1535 Broadway, right between 45th and 46th Streets. It is just about 1.5 miles from Google’s headquarters in New York City. Measuring a record-breaking 77.69 feet X 329.65 feet, the billboard is set to further lighten up the neon-laced and iconic city strip.

Biggest billboard

A spokesperson from Clear Channel said it would be the biggest billboard ever built in Broadway. It also easily took the record as the largest digital billboard ever built in the entire North America.

The giant billboard is set to go live by November 24. Google has the exclusive rights to the interactive display until January 31, 2015. Thus, it would enjoy the ad advantage  during the entire Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations.

What to expect

When it goes live, the billboard would initially feature a popular interactive Android game. It could be played by the public until the evening of November 25. The billboard could also facilitate getting of customized Androidify characters that are created on site and made into postcards and shirts.

Aside from its own products and marketing collaterals, Google has also agreed to donate screen time to several non-profit organizations. Ads from the World Wide Fund (WWF) and Charity Water are expected to be flashed in the screen soon.

All parties have remained mum about how much this ad placement would cost Google. But some industry sources point out that average billboard rates in the area range to as high as $4 million annually. Now do the math.

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