Google Search Rolls Out Added Feature that Tells If a Website is Legit or Not

Google Search Rolls Out Added FeatureThe Internet is full of different Websites, making it difficult to easily determine if an online site is legit or not. This is why Google saw the need to assist users of its search engine by providing them information instantly to help determine whether a site is credible or not. This way, search results would be more useful and reliable.

The giant search engine has tweaked its search function to show more information about Websites as they appear on search results pages. Now, users can see small gray name of the site underneath the main link (in blue font). If that gray name is clicked, it would show a blurb that describes the site and its creator.

This way, users can easily decide whether to pursue clicking on a site or not. Thus, time and effort would be spared. This feature would also help prevent proliferation of illegitimate or incredible sources, which scatter across the online media.

The right results

In a blog post, Bart Niechwiej, Google software engineer, said it is the users’ right to choose just the best and most appropriate results for their searches. Today, they can easily find good sources about back pain, the American Civil War, or just about anything under the sun.

However, there is a clarification about this new added feature of the search engine. Google reiterated that users would not get comprehensive or extra information about each Website. The new feature would only show brief descriptions of each site on the results page.

The descriptions would indicate if the Website is a widely notable one across the Internet. It would also show when there is sufficient data to show or when the site’s content could be possibly handy for the search activity.

Source of data

The data to be used in the new feature would be based on information available from Knowledge Graph, which is another Google service that interconnects understanding of things. The company said it plans to further expand Knowledge Graph to make it even more useful and more informative in the future.

At this point, however, the added feature on the search function is available only for Google searches on the desktop. It is not clear yet if the search engine would eventually extend it to mobile users. But some analysts are confident that it would do so; the only gray area for now is when.

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