Google reveals updated Glass hardware with new apps and software tweaks

Google reveals updated Glass hardware with new apps and software tweaksEven before Google I/O kicks off, the Mountain View giant has announced some details about its wearable product, Google Glass. The company has updated the device with better specs and new software tweaks which should definitely make Glass fans happy. Unfortunately, the hardware update would only be available to new Glass users and veteran glass users will be excluded from it.

The new Glass units that will ship later this year will come with 2GB RAM, which is double the amount of RAM as compared to its predecessor. The battery life also has been improved, however that could be a software improvement. Other than these two hardware changes, Glass remains pretty much the same.

Google is sticking with Texas Instruments Omap 4430 1.2 Ghz dual core SoC along with a 640×360 Himax HX7309 display and 5MP camera. For connectivity, there’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the same as the original glass model.

However, hardware changes are not the highlight of the announcement; instead it’s the software additions. Google has added twelve new apps for Glass, which range from fitness training apps to music recognition apps like Shazam.

These apps add many of the requested features on the device and we are sure, existing as well as potential Glass users will love them. Sports or fitness fanatics have Runtastic, 94Fifty Basketball and, Music lovers have musiXmatch and Shazam and those who adore the night sky will have a great time gazing the stars with Star Chart app on the Glass.

Star Chart is probably one of the best apps on Google Glass right now as it effectively utilizes the concept of Glass to explore the night sky. So, after a few days gazing the sky using Glass, you should be well informed about the various constellations, planets and stars in the sky.

Other than the new apps, the update would also make some software tweaks and feature additions. After the update, users will be able to get the viewfinder while taking pictures by saying, ‘ok glass, and show the viewfinder’. Further, there will be new Google Now cards too, which will help them track a parcel in transit as well as a parked car.

Both these features were part of the most requested feature list, so the news about the update should definitely make Glass users happy.

One can expect more announcements about Google Glass in the coming two days at Google I/O 2014.

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