Google Re-Launches Santa Tracker Website

Google Re-Launches Santa Tracker WebsiteWith just barely three weeks before Christmas, who else could be busier these days than Santa Claus? If you are curious about what’s going on in Santa’s place in the North  Pole, well, Google has something for you.

The giant technology firm has re-launched its own Santa Tracker site. Through the Website, anyone could follow Santa’s progress as he works to deliver his gifts around the  world on Christmas Eve. What you should not miss about this site is that on December 21, it would allow us to track Santa’s own sleigh as it makes its annual travel all around the globe.

Santa Tracker site

The Santa Tracker site offers a special preview of Santa’s own dashboard so you would get to know the latest technology that powers his famous sleigh. The big guy now employs developer elves, who are currently working harder to help prepare for the coming holidays.

If you check out the Website now, you could get into the countdown to Santa’s awaited departure. To keep you occupied, there’s always a new game or project that would be launched on a daily basis until the culmination on Christmas Eve.

Surely, the online site has all the features that every follower and believer of Santa would certainly love. It is also something that parents could use to justify the existence of Santa to their ever-curious kids. Even the young-at-heart could find delights whenever they visit the site.

Countdown to Christmas

In a statement Google said Santa Tracker site is the best way to countdown to the big night—Christmas Eve. Thus, wherever you could be, whether you are in the snowy part of Canada or the beach site in Sydney, Australia, you could surely take part as the world counts the days off until Christmas.

It does not surprise that Google’s own developer elves are working harder to integrate the finishing touches to the Santa Tracker App especially for Android, its own mobile operating system. Its aim is to make Android users keep track of traditional Kris Kringles from their own smartphones, tablets, or TV sets. A new Chrome extension is also available for anyone who wants to instantly follow Santa particularly on Christmas Eve.

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