Google Projected Mode will bring Android to future cars

Google seems to be gearing up to compete with Apple’s iOS dashboard functionality with its own ‘Projected Mode’ for future cars. While nothing is confirmed by the companies, rumors are going around the internet about this new venture by Google, thanks to a recent job advertising posted by Daimler, the parent company of the famous Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer.

The details about this possible venture comes through the job posting from Daimler which states that the person should be able to develop and work on a system that seamlessly integrates an Android Smartphone and the car’s dashboard. This means that various functions of the smartphone will be handled by the system like taking and making calls, messaging, multimedia and navigation.

The idea is to bring everything right at the driver’s fingertips without the need for any other system. Also, the larger screen as compared to smartphones may help to manage several items at a time, that too with ease. However, the exact manner in which these two devices will connect is not mentioned. It could be with NFC or directly via Bluetooth Low Energy like many traditional wearables in the market.

While these kind of infotainment systems are already out there in most cars, they are designed by individual manufacturers with different interfaces and functions. As a result, each manufacturer will have its own software making it hard for users to transfer the same data to different cars. Google’s projected mode is expected to have a standard interface and hence, it would allow for easy transfer of user data to cars from one manufacturer to another, even for rentals.

This move is actually not that surprising, as Apple is has already partnered up with several car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari to release iOS powered dashboards for their cars. So, Google will most likely not just sit there while Apple has all the fun.

Back in January, Google unveiled the Open Automotive Alliance, a move to fast track the adoption of Android by car manufacturers. So, releasing something like Android Projected Mode sounds like a logical decision. The advert further adds that the platform would be used in all Mercedes-Benz cars made worldwide, so this system could be a big deal in the coming years.

However, Apple is likely to be the first one making such a venture and it is said that Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo will release new cars with iOS powered dashboards in the Genera Motor Show to be held next week.

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