Google offers workaround for Android Wear Paid Apps bug

Google offers workaround for Android Wear Paid Apps bugAlthough Google announced its first OS for wearables called Android Wear in March this year, the devices which run the new software went for sale just this month. So, the OS is relatively new and naturally, there will be a lot of things to change and add in the next few updates.

One of the first bugs found on the software was the lack of support for paid applications. There are hardly any paid apps for Android Wear and for some reason Google forgot to add support for such encrypted apps on the smartwatches running this software. Free apps work fine, but the problem arises with anything that’s paid.

This shouldn’t have been a problem if Google allowed these smartwatches to download and install apps from the play store directly. However, Google has made it mandatory for users to first download the compatible apps on their phones before transferring it to their smartwatches. Once installed, the user can send the app to the wearable via a Bluetooth connection.

This process, although a bit lengthy works fine with free apps, but when it comes to paid apps, the transfer and install process fails. Paid apps are encrypted and according to Android Police, the transfer process fails to send these encryption keys to the Android Wear platform which force stops the installation.

This meant that users could not use paid apps on their brand new device. And if they wanted to do so, they would have to ask the developer to offer it for free, which of course is not a viable option.

And as expected, Google was pretty fast in responding to the problem and has come up with a temporary workaround for the bug. The company asked developers to follow a simple four step process to temporarily place Android Wear APK in the “res/raw” directory to prevent it from being encrypted.

So, users should be able to download and install paid apps too on their devices pretty soon. Given that there are only a handful of supported apps as of now, we don’t think that it’ll take time to incorporate the workaround on all the existing apps.

“Were working to make this easier for you in the future,” said Google, “and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

So, one can expect this bug fix along with a lot of new features and changes in the upcoming Android Wear updates from the company.

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