Google Now Cards to be available offline

Google Now Cards to be available offlineGoogle Now just got a little more reliable. The latest Google search update allows users to access Google Now cards even when the device is offline. So, even when the user is riding a subway or is in a place where there’s no signal, he or she can use Google Now cards for updates.

While virtual assistants like Google Now and Siri helps out a user in many different ways, their services mostly rely on the internet. One can even call it as a significant limitation. In this imperfect world, where the user may not have access to signal all the time, Google Now turns out to be useless without the internet. But this will change pretty soon as Google adds the offline function.

Check out Google Now Cards even when Offline

Google has been adding a number of features in Google Now, including the latest feature which helps one find where they have parked their car. There are many other useful features too, which do not need internet like displaying one’s meetings, appointments and schedules all in one place. So, checking out these cards won’t be a problem now, thanks to the upcoming update from the company. However, things that need internet like Google search would still be unavailable when offline.

How Does Google Now Offline Work?

After the Google Search update, Google Now cards will be synced online and will be cached for offline viewing. So, when a user adds in some new information or deletes a card, his information will be synced on Google Now’s servers. But when the phone does not have a signal and its offline, these changes will be saved and once the device is connected to the internet again, these cards get synced to display the recent changes.

For now, it is said that the feature will be available on Google Search app for all smartphones. So, users are advised to update their apps as soon as possible.

For installing the update, just go to the Google Play store and check for the update. If there’s an update available, the user will be notified of the same. But if it’s not available yet, just wait for a few more days till it becomes available throughout the world. Google’s updates are known to take some days to reach worldwide and hence, it’s quite likely that the timing of the update will vary country wise.

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