Google Now App Bolsters Its Entertainment and Travel Features

Google Now App Bolsters Its Entertainment and Travel FeaturesGoogle Inc has introduced more entertainment and travel features to its Google Now app. The aim is logically to make the personalized search app more worthwhile as a virtual companion not just for users on the road but also to those who need to get updates on information about TV, movies, travel, and events.

Google Now, which is seen by many as the search engine giant’s response to rival Apple Inc’s Siri, has just expanded its features. It now tracks public transportation, provides travel information, gives updates on sports events, and notifies users about breaking news in the area. In other words, the app now predicts what its users might want or need to research using their mobile devices on a daily basis.

New features explained

Google has explained the latest additional features on its Google Now. The car rentals card now complements the hotel reservation and boarding pass cards. It would direct users to rental centers the moment they arrive in a destination when they travel. The concert ticket card uploads the event ticket that serves as a pass when the user arrives at the performance venue.

The updated TV card identifies music and news that are mentioned in TV shows, if the app is connected to any smart TV. For those who always want to stay updated on sports events, there is a feature to track scores of games as well as other relevant and timely data about users’ favorite sports teams and leagues.

The commute-sharing card alerts loved ones about users’ whereabouts (if they just left the office or if they are already headed home). There is also a capability to give information about when a train or bus in the area is scheduled to arrive or leave.

Initially for Android devices

To provide users with relevant information based on time and location, Google Now has started pulling data from all the Google services of its users. Thus, there is no need to update location and time information when making searches or using Google Now.

But there is another catch to this Google Now update. According to the company, the additional features would initially be integrated into user accounts using Android 4.1+ devices. It is now available through Google Play. The company is yet to announce any plan to introduce the same changes to Google Now for iOS devices.

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