Google I/O 2014: What to expect

Google I/O 2014: What to expectThe much anticipated Google I/O will kick off in a few hours and I am sure there will be plenty of new stuff to get excited about after the event. But before Google announces anything in the next two days, let’s take a look at what we can expect from the event.

Rumors have already given us a fair idea as to what all announcements Google could make, so without waiting any further, let’s look at the possible product and software announcements from the search engine giant at Google I/O this year.

1.  Android Wear

Without any doubt, Android Wear would be the highlight of the event. Google announced the platform earlier this year and even released it to developers to work upon. However, as of yet, we have not seen what Google’s Android Wear looks like.

This could be the ideal platform to showcase the new operating system for wearables and Google will most likely reveal more details about this OS.

Further, the two companies namely LG and Motorola who announced their Android Wear running devices along with Google earlier this year could release more details to the public. Apart from the design and a few leaked specifications, the companies have been silent about their devices. So, they could officially announce more about their products including the pricing.

2. Android In-Car Entertainment system

If rumors are to be believed, then Google will unravel its Android in-car entertainment system at the event. Internally known as the Google AutoLink, the dashboard system is said to work much like Apple’s CarPlay and will integrate the car’s entertainment system with Android powered devices.

Many famous car makers are expected to partner with Google for this new system, so Apple may have something to worry about after this announcement.
3. Android powered smart home devices

Google’s acquisition of NEST and the recent announcement of the ‘Works with NEST’ program clearly indicate Google’s interest in the smart home segment. So, Google could reveal more details about this particular program at Google I/O this year.

4. Android 5.0 (Lollipop?)

Although the name’s not yet confirmed, the next version of Android starting with ‘L’ could be showcased at the event this year. However, given that very few details have been leaked till now and no new Nexus devices are expected at the event, Google may wait for a few more months before showcasing a new version of Android.

5. Android TV

About a few months back, rumors about Android TV made rounds on the internet. Google could finally unveil this device today or tomorrow and could add another option for streaming content alongside Chromecast. However, more features and apps like Google Drive and Play Movies are expected to come with the device.

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