Google Inc Reportedly Plans to Launch Nexus TV in First Half of 2014

Google Inc to Launch Nexus TVGoogle Inc is taking the competition to another level. That is if reports are accurate that it is currently developing its new set-top box that could make it possible to stream videos and even facilitate playing of games. This would be another exciting technology development to watch out for from the giant technology and search engine firm.

Dubbed as ‘Nexus TV,’ the new product in the offing is expected to be the company’s flagship in the set-top TV box category. Upon its entry sometime by the first half of 2014 (according to well-placed sources), it would instantly compete against Roku and Apple TV.

It should also be noted that Google is not the only company that is reportedly planning to enter this field. Sources claim that even and Intel Corp are already in the process of developing their own set-top TV boxes. Thus, to be expected next year is a staunch rivalry among new market players in set-top TV boxes.

Running on Android

As a Google device, it does not surprise anyone that Nexus TV would be running the company’s Android operating system. It would initially stream videos from popular service providers like Netflix and Hulu. As mentioned, Nexus TV would be rolled out in the market on or before the second half of the year.

As expected, Google is striving so hard to make it a relevant product that would compete well in the market. The company is yet to make further announcements for more details about the planned Nexus TV. But this early, it is safe to assert that the device is already much anticipated.

Follow-up to Chromecast

If Nexus TV would be launched soon, it would not be Google’s first foray into the rising TV streaming market. It could be recalled that several months ago, Google launched Chromecast.

It is a small plug-in device that could do wonders by streaming content into TV sets. However, to be useful, Chromecast has to be configured and controlled through a PC or a mobile device that has Chrome browser.

Consumers should also expect the reported Nexus TV to be much costlier than Chromecast. It would not require any external device for any user to operate it. However, there are reports that it would possibly be operated through specified Android mobile devices since it would also run on the popular free operating system.

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