Google Files Patent for System that can Accurately Split Group Bill

Google Files Patent for System that can Accurately Split Group BillDo you often get annoyed by discrepancies when splitting the restaurant bills among you and your friends whenever you hang out as a group? Google may soon come up with a technology that would help properly and accurately determine how much every member of your group owes. This is to make sure everyone would properly make payment in such situations.

The giant technology firm has filed a patent application for such a technology. In Patent Application No. 20130262294, the company described the proposed system as a tool that would track expenses of every member of a group. Accordingly, it would also facilitate transferring of funds to everyone, eliminating the usually tedious process of paying and getting change.

Typical problem

Google reiterated that most of the time, groups of friends travel or go to dinner together. But there is usually a problem when the group takes a bill. A typical practice is that a group member initially shoulders the entire bill for convenience. He/She may then have to collect the payments from each of the group members.

However, in many cases, some group members fail to pay back their corresponding share of the group’s bills. Some may simply forget about the payment, while others just intend to never pay at all. The member who initially shouldered the bill also often hesitates to ask for payments as that may sound and seem rude.

Likely solution

To make it fair to the group member who paid the group’s bill, Google intends to launch its new system so that such a problem would be eliminated. The patented technology would be an efficient way to track and categorize group expenditures so that settling of balances among group members would always be fair and convenient.

The system would also facilitate payments coursed through credit cards and even fund transfers between accounts. Thus, the group members could just log online to access their accounts and transfer funds based on the results provided for the split of the bill.

According to sources, Google originally filed this patent in March 2012. But it was disclosed to the public only in the past week. The information also revealed the inventors of the new patented technology. Those included Narelle Cozens, Travis Harrison, Michael DePasquale, Peter Schmidt, Boris Mizhen, and Avery Pennarun. Other details about the system are yet to be shared to the public.

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