Google buys Green Throttle Games, possibly to speed up the rumored Nexus TV box release

In the past few weeks, several rumors have suggested that Amazon and Apple are going to release a TV setup box later this year. Today, new reports have surfaced online saying that Google has officially acquired Green Throttle Games, the independent game console maker, which hints of a possible gaming centric TV box from Google in the coming months.

Green Throttle Games was found back in 2012 by Charles Huang, the maker of Guitar Hero games. He along with Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend developed the custom Atlas Gaming Controller, which worked with the Arena App on the Google App store. While the controller came with most of the basic features like its competitors, it was not as popular as Ouya or Mojo, which led to its downfall. Finally, by the late 2013, the company was wound up.

However, according to PandoDaily, Google has made a deal with the developers for its parts and labor. While the exact details of the deal are still unknown, it is said that the two co-founders Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend and Green Throttle’s developments have been taken over by Google. Also, the company confirmed that Charles Huang will retain the rights to the business.

This acquisition sparks a new speculation saying that Google is planning to release a set up box soon. PandoDaily further adds that a source close to the situation claims this is a clear indication that the rumored Nexus set up box is indeed real. Taking over Green Throttle’s team and resources would help Google speed up the process of releasing a gaming centric TV box. Also, the company could refine the Bluetooth connectivity used by the Atlas Controller to tweak and improve its upcoming console.

However, Google is not the only company planning to release a TV set up box. Rumors claim Apple as well as Amazon are going to release a set up box soon. While Amazon’s new Set Up box may release as soon as the end of this month, sources say that Apple’s refreshed Apple TV would release in the next few months, possibly by April. These upcoming set up boxes are expected to sport additional features like gaming, so this acquisition from Google is not that surprising.

Given that big tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon are entering the gaming and TV set up box market, it would be interesting to see how independent console makers like OUYA and Mad Catz perform alongside these new boxes.

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