Google Adds More Security Updates to Stable Version of Chrome Browser

Google Adds Security Updates to Chrome BrowserGoogle Inc has announced the addition of several more security updates to the Chrome. Those include automatic malware blocking as well as the reset browser settings option. These are incorporated into the stable version of the browser.

It should be noted that new browser malware is usually stealthier. It is commonly released through free screensavers, fake security updates, and video plug-ins. After installation, the malware tends to hide itself so that users could hardly find and uninstall it.

This could also be the reason behind the company’s decision to include a button to reset browser settings into Chrome. It is situated under the browser’s advanced settings. When clicked, it would take Chrome into its factory state. This feature has been among the most requested additional features on the Chrome forums for users. It is designed to clear it of any possible and new malware.

Automatic blocking of malware

At the same time, Google would also block downloads automatically especially of any new detected malware in Chrome. However, this new feature would be initially integrated into the Canary version of the browser. The Canary is an earlier or test version of Chrome coming prior to dev, beta, and stable versions.

When Chrome blocks any program, there would be a message that would appear on the browser’s download tray. The message would notify the browser user about the blocking of a possible malware. The message could be dismissed but doing so may not affect how Chrome keeps the system in a safer mode.

This new option would be part of the browser’s current security features like ‘Safe Browsing.’ The company claims that it has already flagged more than 10,000 online sites each day as it searches for possible threats and as it helps users to keep away from the use of Safe Browsing.

Greater privacy protection

But logically, not all Chrome users are impressed. The browser may have increased its security features but many of its users still think there is a need for greater privacy protection. To many, Chrome still lacks significantly in that aspect.

Many users still complain that the feature to prevent Chrome from tracking online users is still ‘buried and discouraged.’ They insist that keeping safe from possible viruses is just as important as making sure information about them is not being gathered and sold to other parties online.

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