Google Acquires Home Automation Company Nest Labs

Google Acquires Home Automation Company Nest LabsGoogle Inc has announced its acquisition of Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. The latest purchase would add a different product to the expanding and diversifying technology firm.

In a statement, Google disclosed that Nest Labs would remain as a distinct brand with a separate identity even after the transaction. It added that current Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell would remain as a leader in the newly bought business.

In his own statement, Fadell expressed his happiness and excitement to join Google. He reiterated that with the support of the new parent company, Nest Labs would have better capability to create simple and thoughtful devices that would make customers’ lives easier and safer at home. He also hopes that the company would keep its positive impact on our world.

Nest Labs connection

Nest Labs—based in Palo Alto, California—is a home automation firm that designs and makes sensor-driven, programmable, and Wi-Fi enabled smoke detectors and thermostats. It was co-founded by ex-Apple Inc engineers Matt Rogers and Fadell in 2010.

Interestingly, that is not the only connection it has with Apple, which is considered as one of Google’s staunchest technology rivals. Nest Labs’ thermostat control app is currently available in the Apple Store. Its Wi-Fi capabilities now facilitate control of smoke detectors and thermostats through apps that are available for download on iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone).

However, when the company started, Google Ventures was among its key investors. That gives it the Google connection from the start.

Future plans

Google is looking forward to control a firm that makes thermostats that help save energy and smoke alarms that help keep buildings safer. The giant technology firm said it is looking forward to the idea of bringing greater experiences to a bigger number of homes across more countries.

Just last year, Nest Labs introduced additional products that expanded its lineup of Nest Protect connected appliances. Nest Protect is an online connected system for fire alarm and detection of carbon monoxide. At the same time, the service is Wi-Fi enabled. It dispenses the usually tiring routine of dealing with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are usually harder to operate.

Google is yet to make further announcements about its specific and definite plans for its new acquisition. For its part, Nest Labs said it would continue carrying out its current programs and features.

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