Gmail Facilitates Sending Email to Google + Contact’s Address

Gmail Facilitates Sending Email to Google plusIf you are among the many users who still don’t have the email addresses of most of your contacts on Google+, you are about to hear good news. Of course, the giant search engine and email service provider has realized that many of its Gmail users would appreciate a feature that would make Google+ addresses automatically available on their email.

Google has just rolled out the helpful feature that suggests Google+ contacts’ email addresses whenever a Gmail user composes an email. However, the user must also have a Google+ profile and account to enjoy and take advantage of the service.

This added feature would be rolled out broadly in the coming days. If you are a user of both services, you might already be able to take advantage of it. If it is still not available for you, just wait for a few more hours or days for it to be automatically available.

Making adjustments

There are some online reports that Google has actually started making Gmail contacts automatically updated and available through Google+ as early as December 2011. Many analysts worry that this new capability may be used as an opportunity for sending spam and annoying messages.

Thus, it is also advisable to adjust the ‘Email via Google+’ option. The setting could be updated once the new feature is available. Doing so would help avoid receiving email messages from people or users that you really don’t want to receive messages from or that you think may just send spam into your primary inbox.

Added advantage

Another interesting thing to note is that Gmail users’ addresses would only be shared and made available to other users he/she wants. Their Gmail addresses would not be visible to Google+ users unless they are sending emails. This means that the contact addresses would not be searchable unless a user composes an email.

Google has asserted that this new feature serves as an extension of earlier improvements in the service that keep Gmail contacts updated automatically using Google+. Gmail would automatically suggest Google+ connections as recipients of email messages whenever a user is composing new email.

This feature would also make emails from Google+ contacts go directly to the primary inbox. Usually, those emails may automatically be redirected to the social category in the inbox. But because the Google+ contacts are within the Gmail users’ own circles, emails are given more priority.

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