Gmail Experiences Service Outage

Gmail Experiences Service OutageGmail has just experienced a major service disruption. The problem affected numerous users from around the world. Google Inc is yet to release other details including how many users were actually affected.

In a short statement released after the disruption started, Google said it had already started conducting probes on reports about the issue with Gmail. The company said that at this point, it is still to be determined how the outage happened and where and how many were particularly affected.

The outage was reported to have started by early 2 p.m. Eastern Time. The same outage has affected not just Gmail but also several other Google services like Google Hangouts and Google+. It was notable how Twitter played a significant role in reporting the outage.

Chronology of service disruption

By around 2:12 p.m. E.T., Gmail officially announced the service disruption. It made the announcement through its Gmail Apps Status Dashboard. It said that it has reached out to parent company Google to specifically identify the real cause of this recent outage. It promised to update this story when data becomes available.

It was in 2:58 p.m. when Google posted an update to its App Status Dashboard. It notes that several other Google services were also affected by the service disruptions. Aside from those already mentioned, the problem was also experienced by users of Google Calendar, Drive, Talk, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, Groups, and Sites.

 Restoring services

It was already 3:14 p.m. when Gmail announced that its service had been restored. However, the announcement reiterated that the restoration was applied to only a number of Webmail service users. In the same advisory, Gmail said it expects resolution of the problem for all users to be launched in the near future. The time frame specified was just an estimate, Gmail noted, and may still be subject to change.

By 3:23 p.m., Google announced that its affected services had already been fully resolved. As expected, the company apologized for any inconvenience caused. It also thanked everyone for continued support and patience despite such inevitable and occasional problems.

Google even assured its users that the company would still prioritize system reliability. It added that it is continuously making improvements to bring about a better system. Thus, the App Status Dashboard is now bearing a green light, which means that all affected Google services are now working properly except Google Hangouts., which is yet to be fully restored as of press time.

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