Get To Know Holly Holm: The Fighter Who Knocked Out Ronda Rousey

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Holly Holm, a mixed martial arts champion, was thought to be the underdog in her most recent Ultimate Fighting Championship match against Ronda Rousey. With fewer fans and less notoriety than her opponent, Rousey was the clear favorite. So, the world of UFC fans was rocked when Holly Holm took everyone by surprise, Rousey most of all, and won the match with a knock-out.

Just who is our new bantamweight champion title holder, Holly Holm? Where did she come from? For UFC fans who are eager to get to know the new champion who defeated the previously thought to be unbeatable Ronda Rousey, here’s everything that you should know about her.

Holly Holm is also known by her nickname “The Preacher’s Daughter”, which gives you a little bit of information on her already. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 17th, 1981, she is, in fact, the daughter of a preacher and grew up in Bosque Farms, a New Mexican village.

Ever since a young age, Holly Holm was an athletic person. She grew up playing soccer and also gave her hand at gymnastics, swimming, and diving before she got into what would become her real passion: boxing and kickboxing. Even her hobbies are physical as she enjoys snowboarding and hiking on her days off.

After starting an aerobics class to keep herself in shape, Holly tells us that she “saw the [kickboxing] class, thought it looked pretty cool, so I thought I’d try it for one fight and see what it was like.”

Holly’s aerobics and kickboxing instructor, Mike Winkeljohn, immediately saw potential within Holly Holms. Winkeljohn said of Holly, “She’s got that instinct… I wish I could bottle (what she has) and sell it.”

Holly Holm began competing in amateur championships, and by the time she went pro her record stood at 6-0-2. Her last amateur match before going professional was a national amateur championship in Kansas City in the fall of 2001. At the match, Holly Holm defeated her opponent, Chrisanne Roseleip, by unanimous decision, going out in a blaze of glory.

The following year, in January of 2002, Holly entered her first match as a pro-boxer at the Isleta Casino and Resort, south of Albuquerque. She won with a total knock-out(TKO) against her opponent who was also making her professional debut, Martha Orozco.

Shortly after her pro-boxing debut, in June 2002 Holy Holm made her debut as a professional kickboxer in an IKKC five-rounder at Santa Ana Star Casino in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

From that year forward, Holly Holm performed in match after match and began to build up an impressive record for herself. Though she certainly didn’t win every match, even being knocked out herself by Trisha “TNT”  Hill during the fourth round of a five-round 139-lb Muay Thai bout, and again by Rita Turrisi at a match at the Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, Holm still dominated in many of her fights, knocking several opponents out herself.

Holly Holm has been declared the unanimous winner in many of her matches, including a ten round fight against 37-year-old Christy Martin at the Isleta Casino in September, 2006. Of the match, Chris Cozzone of New Mexico Boxing said, ‘Holm made it look easy; made the legendary Martin look amateurish.”

Giving credit to her trainer, Mike Winkeljohn, for helping her develop into the professional fighter that she now is, Holly Holm said “Practice makes perfect. It’s a lot of dedication; you just have to put your heart into it… It’s very time consuming to train, but it’s exciting. It’s worth all the training.”

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