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Microsoft Woos Apple Users with Extra $100

Just after Microsoft revealed its stylish Surface Book, the company now wants to make things easier by switching to the new Windows 10 machines. The latest promo from Microsoft, the Easy Trade Up, promises a minimum of $200 for your old devices.

Microsoft Woos Apple Users with Extra $100

To qualify, you will need to purchase a computer from the Microsoft store for over $599. Old Windows laptops, all-in-ones and two-in-ones will get a $200 rebate; iMacs and MacBooks get $300. Claims need to be submitted online within 14 days of Purchase. Approved buyers will get their amount paid within 28 days of claim validation.

The old devices for exchange should not be older than six years, should sport an 11.6 display or higher and must be in working condition to be accepted. The Surface Book fans from US, UK, France, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, Canada and India can avail the promo offer.

The incentive to swell the Windows 10 devices is not the first from Microsoft. It previously offered $200 for those ready to part with their iPads for a Surface device, $100 to switch from a PS3 to an Xbox One, and $200 worth of gift cards when you trade in your iPhone.

The Easy Trade Up does not, however, apply to the latest Surface Book Laptop or the Surface Pro 4. The launch supply of the Surface Book sold out within a week after pre-orders went live. The initial interest in these new gadgets is high enough to record good sales volume without any promos.

For more country wise info and a rundown of the incentive plan, visit the Microsoft site here.

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