Germany To Electronically Tag Suspicious Immigrants

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/RayStarmann | German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government will implement tougher immigration policies, including electronic tagging, to avoid incidents like the Berlin Christmas market attack. Photo Credits: Twitter/RayStarmann

Germany seeks tougher security measures for asylum seekers and refugees without proper documentation. The same goes for individuals who the country thinks pose a security threat. The new measures passed on Tuesday. Europe’s biggest economy will make it easier for police to electronically tag immigrants considered to be security risks. Also, those who need to leave Germany, but have not, will get tagged and deported.

Germany Approves Stricter Immigration Controls

The interior and justice ministers of Germany, who represent the two blocs in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition, agreed to increase surveillance of suspicious immigrants after the Christmas market attack in Berlin. In this deadly attach, a Tunisian asylum seeker killed 12 people. Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, announced stricter requirements for asylum seekers. Many have tried, and continue to try, to deceive their identities. Also, the new measures will make it much easier to deport individuals back to where they came from.

Also, the Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann added that the EU should remove neighbors Italy and Greece from the Schengen area should they fail to exchange data on criminals. Herrmann also said that the border controls of those countries must check people who travel by air and over land. He asked for a deadline by the end of this year, Al Jazeera reported.

The changes come as investigations into the Berlin market attack determined that the suspect did not pose an acute threat that is permissible in court. As such, this attack highlighted the county’s security policies, especially ahead of the federal elections in September. In addition to electronic tagging, Interior minister de Maiziere also proposed restructuring Germany’s security set-up.

Germany had taken in more than a million refugees and asylum seekers recently. However, many of them have already left after authorities started implementing stricter controls. Also, an increasing anti-immigration sentiment in the European country basically drove off said refugees and asylum seekers.

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