George Lucas Museum Will Be In Los Angeles, Not In San Francisco

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Entertainment Weekly | George Lucas Museum to be built in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Twitter/Entertainment Weekly

George Lucas, known for the “Star Wars” franchise, chose Los Angeles as the home of the museum that will feature his work and the huge film collection he has over the years.  The museum will stand on the Exposition Park in LA, along with other grand and historical museums such as the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum.

George Lucas has planned to build the museum some ten years ago.  Now, he plans to build it by himself, with a budget of $ 1 billion.  It includes the building costs, his art and endowment of about $ 400 million.  He will call it the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

George Lucas Museum: What will it contain

The museum will showcase about 40,000 paintings, illustrations and other film-related items of George Lucas, tells Fox News.  San Francisco and Los Angeles has reportedly competed over who gets the museum during the selection process.  The museum will bring a lot of tourism and create plenty of jobs.  Los Angeles but won out in the end.  The organizers are grateful of such support from the two cities.   

LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti believes that Los Angeles is the perfect place for such a museum.  It will make art and creativity accessible and an inspiration to the next generation.  Los Angeles, according to the mayor, is also the creative capital in the world.  Garcetti also acknowledged the fact that the museum can create thousands of jobs especially in construction.  It will also create permanent jobs as soon as the museum gets erected, reports LA Times.  

Other cultural and entertainment leaders have shown George Lucas their support over this project.  They believe that the museum will become an outstanding cultural and an iconic force in the city of Los Angeles.  The tourism will increase and downtown Los Angeles will get a makeover.  

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