George Clooney Dating: List Of Women Linked To Him Before He Got Married

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George Clooney, who is now married to the gorgeous lawyer Amal Alamuddin, was famous for his bachelor ways before he got married. He was married once before to actress Talia Balsam in the early 90s, but both before and after that marriage, George Clooney has been linked to many beautiful women.

Here is a list of the women that the hunky actor is believed to have dated over the years, before he finally settled down(hopefully for good!) with Amal.

1. Dedee Pfeiffer

During the ’80s, George Clooney dated Dedee Pfeiffer who is the sister of famous actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle’s thoughts on meeting him weren’t much, “Kind of cute, one of Dedee’s boyfriends, yeah, OK, nice to meet you,” but she later went on to star with her sister’s ex-boyfriend in One Fine Day.

2. Kelly Preston


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In 1988, while still barely known in Hollywood, George Clooney was living with his then-girlfriend, Kelly Preston. The two shared a home in the Hollywood Hills, and Clooney even bought her a pet pig whom they named Max. While the couple broke up less than a year later, in 1989, George Clooney kept Max as his own pet until it died in 2006.

3. Talia Balsam

George Clooney got engaged and married his first wife, Talia Balsam, just a few months after things with Preston ended. The marriage lasted just a few years, though, and Clooney reflects now that he “probably – definitely – wasn’t someone who should have been married at that point,” adding that he doesn’t feel as though he gave Talia a fair shot before divorcing her in 1993. After the divorce, he swore he would never marry again, but that didn’t stop the ladies from trying to change his mind.

4. Kimberly Russell

george clooney kimberly russell

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Another actress, Kimberly Russell was George Clooney’s first serious girlfriend after his divorce. The two met while doing a Martini commercial together, dated for a couple of years, but ended things in 1995.

5. Karen Duffy

george clooney karen duffy

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George Clooney and Karen Duffy were rumored to be dating after they went as each other’s dates to the 1995 Emmys.

6. Celine Balitran

george clooney celine

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Celine Balitran was a waitress in Paris that met George Clooney by chance. The two hit it off pretty well it would seem, as she followed Clooney back to Los Angeles a few months later where they lived together for three years. The couple seemed made for each other and Balitran shared that “When I have to get up early, he insists I wake him. It’s out of the question to start the day without having breakfast together. We wake up in each other’s arms, and we can’t wait for evening to be together again.” When they broke up in 1999, however, Clooney said it was due to his fear of intimacy and love of the single life.

7. Lucy Liu


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Rumors that George Clooney was dating actress Lucy Liu sparked in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2006 that the two were caught sharing a kiss on New Year’s Eve.

8. Krista Allen

George Clooney met Krista Allen on the set of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in 2002, and the pair ended up dating for about 2 years. They broke up in 2004, but got back together again for a brief period in 2006 before finally going their separate ways for good.

9. Lisa Snowden

Lisa Snowden and George Clooney had quite a roller-coaster history. The British model dated Clooney off and on for a period of about 5 years between 2001 and 2006. Apparently, the two met on the set of another Martini commercial that was shot in Spain, and there was a time that the couple seemed pretty serious. Snowden said “I love him and we may be moving in together, but not just yet because I’ve got my career and he’s got his.” Perhaps it was career differences that finally separated them for good.

10. Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger and George Clooney have had dating rumors swirling them throughout the years, however the two have always just maintained that they are just good friends and that there was never any romance between them.

11. Sarah Larson

george clooney sarah larson

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In 2008, George Clooney had a romance with Sarah Larson, a cocktail waitress. The two seemed to make a sweet couple and went through a lot together, including a motorcycle crash when a car hit the motorcycle that they were riding. Larson thought that they might even get married, despite Clooney’s vow against marriage, but was instead left devastated when she was dumped by the actor.

12. Elisabetta Canalis

Despite crashing with his previous girlfriend – both the relationship and the motorcycle – George Clooney was soon spotted riding on his motorcycle with Elisabetta Canalis, and the two confirmed that they were dating shortly after.

13. Stacy Keibler

George Clooney dated Stacy Keibler for 2 years before splitting in 2013, shortly before he met his current wife, Amal. The couple is believed to have split due to Keibler’s desire to settle down and have children, while she knew that Clooney was still against marriage at the time. It came as quite a shock to her when it was announced that Clooney was engaged to another woman!

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