Gang Rape Live-Streamed On Facebook

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Facebook live recently streamed a gang rape to a closed group of thousands of members. The crime, took place in Uppsala, Sweden. A 30-year-old victim was raped live by a man. He tore her clothes off while another one held a gun. However, it was after a 21-year-old woman alerted the police that the broadcast was stopped.

A woman named Josefine Lundgren, called the police when she tuned into the video. She realized that 60 others were watching the crime video along with her. Many viewers thought that the video was a sick prank. They wrote comments like Three against one hahaha,” under the video. However, Lundgren called and notified the police about the crime.

An article in Fox News states that police rushed to the crime scene after her complaint. They confronted the perpetrators and asked them to come to the police station. They also shut down the broadcast. An article in SBS News adds that the main attacker, had, however, filmed everything, taken pictures and posted them to Snapchat. Many witnesses came forward later and told the police that there was a second video too, where the victim had denied being raped.

Despite the second video, police arrested the suspects aged 18, 20 and 24 years. Swedish lawmakers then appealed to social media users to submit the images of the attack to the police, if they had any. This is because, even though Facebook has removed the video, it still circulated on the internet. “We have some picture and video material. But we don’t have any images showing the attack itself,” said Magnus Berggren, Uppsala’s deputy chief prosecutor.

Facebook Live and crime

An article in BBC reveals that Facebook’s live streaming service, which helps users to broadcast videos and events in the real time, is also used to broadcast crimes as they happen. Most recently, a mentally disabled man was tortured and video streamed via Facebook live. Six months back a US man was shot, while he was live streaming on Facebook.

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