Galaxy S5 Active rumored to hit AT&T and Sprint

Many flagships were showcased at MWC (Mobile World Congress) this year, including the much anticipated Galaxy S5. The current flagship from Samsung improves on a lot of features of the previous generation model and even adds a little bit of external protection in terms of dust resistance and water proofing. Now that these features are already available on the flagship device, many wondered whether Samsung would release an Active version of S5 later this year.

Almost a month after the announcement of S5, new leaks reveal that a Galaxy S5 Active version will also make way to the market. The rumor comes from evleak’s twitter account, which has been a reputed source of pre-release information about new products. Many of the rumors that came from the same twitter account have been right in the past, so it’s quite possible that this one too might be true.

The tweet from @evleaks said as follow:

“Samsung SM-G870x is the Galaxy S5 Active. Coming to AT&T and Sprint, among other carriers.”

This is quite surprising given that the Galaxy S5 comes with a set of the so called active features like water resistance and dust resistance. Last year’s S4 didn’t have these features, so an Active version with these goodies sounded logical. But now that the original model has the same water resistant features as the Active S4, it would be interesting to see what Samsung plans to incorporate into the upcoming device.

While S5 is water resistant, it cannot be fully submerged under water. It’s good for use under rain but one cannot take photos or videos underwater, like S4 Active or Xperia Z2. So Samsung could make S5 Active fully water resistant and dust resistant.

The original Galaxy S5 is a pretty powerful phone too and comes with goodies like 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 5.1 inch Full HD display, 16MP rear shooter and Android 4.4.2 OS. So, anything on top of these features would make the device more attractive.

But even with these features, it’s doubtful whether people would actually consider buying this instead of the normal S5. In the end, everything would depend on the pricing and the additional value that users get with the device. Given that evleaks predict it to come on major networks across the country, it won’t be surprising if Samsung reveals something new for the upcoming Active S5. Exclusive accessories could also be a selling factor.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.  

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