Galaxy Note 4 to come with curved screen, metal body and OIS camera

Galaxy Note 4 to come with curved screen, metal body and OIS cameraGalaxy S5, the current flagship from Samsung did not perform as well as experts and fans expected it to do. In fact, in a report from an analytics company, it was said that the 6 month old iPhone 5 was outselling Galaxy S5 by a considerable margin in May.

So, Samsung must be working hard on its next flagship device, the Note 4 which is expected to release in the coming few months.

According to ET News, Samsung will incorporate lots of new tech on its upcoming phablet. The news agency reports that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with a curved screen along with an OIS camera. Earlier rumors hinted at a 12MP camera module on the phone to keep it light and slim, but the latest news states that Samsung will go with a 16MP sensor with OIS on its Note 4.

It also says that there will be different versions of the device this year, with a premium model which will have a metal finish. Samsung is reportedly experimenting with different material choices like magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic for the device. However, don’t expect every version to come with a metal body as the cheaper model will probably sport the same plastic body as the previous generations.

The exact size of the display is still not clear, but the report states that there will be at least one version with a curved screen. The report also adds that Samsung has stepped up its curved screen production by more than 50% for the Note 4. While this scale of production might not be enough for providing curved screens to millions of upcoming Note 4s, it would be enough to meet the demands of a premium model.

So, to sum up, the premium model will probably sport a curved display with a metal body while the cheaper version may come with a plastic body and a normal AMOLED display.

One interesting thing to note here is that the Note 4 launch window will make things harder for the phablet. Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 and the LG G3 (which was released later) gave tough competition to S5, which eventually led to less than expected sales.

Note 4 is also expected to face such tough competition from upcoming phones like Nexus 6 and iPhone 6. Rumors about a 5.5 inch version of iPhone 6 would further put it in direct competition with this upcoming phablet. So, Samsung will definitely have to take things to the next level with its Note 4.

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