Galaxy Note 4 Edge takes user experience to the next level

Galaxy Note 4 Edge takes user experience to the next levelThe day has finally arrived. Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 . But as expected, there’s one more device from Samsung at IFA this year and that’s none other than the Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

As the name suggests, this is the futuristic device that we have all heard about for the past few months and like the earlier rumors and leaks suggested this particular Note 4 device comes withe same edge display that Samsung showed off around a year back.

We have seen slightly curved smartphones from both Samsung and LG, but this one is quite different. The display on the edge can be used for a number of reasons, may it be for displaying controls or accessing your favorite apps. Finally having a curved screen makes sense as it takes user experience to the next level.

Galaxy Note 4 Edge is exactly like the flagship Note 4 but with an extra screen. So, you have the same Quad HD 2540 x 1440 resolution screen found on Note 4 along with an additional screen on the edge filled with a number of apps, widgets and other information.

When you are in the home screen, the edge will contain all your useful apps. But as soon as you launch an app, they will disappear to take advantage of the whole screen. However, you can bring them back with just a swipe. This essentially means that you can switch between apps faster than using the traditional Android app switcher.

On the other hand, some apps can take advantage of the extra screen to place controls. For example, the camera app on the edge uses it for all the settings which leaves the entire 5.7 inch screen for displaying the image to be captured.

Samsung will soon release the API to developers which means you will get to see a lot of apps taking advantage of this edge.

As mentioned above, the device is an exact replica of the Note 4. So, it has the same specs, features and even the same stylus found on the flagship.

So, you get the same Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 16MP rear shooter and a 3.7MP front camera on the device. It will be powered by a 3,220 mAh battery, but the company did not reveal the talk time. There are a number of sensors too like accelerometer, UV, Heart Rate, Gyro etc.

All in all, Galaxy Note 4 Edge is a device of the future and if you have the budget (Samsung has not yet revealed the price), you should definitely consider this device while buying your next smartphone.


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