Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming to IFA alongside Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming to IFA alongside Galaxy Note 3Samsung has officially confirmed the Galaxy Gear, stating it will be companion smartwatch to go alongside the Galaxy smartphone or tablet. It will function similar to what we have seen with Pebble and Sony smartwatches, with additional Samsung applications and features.

Currently, there are no leaked images to show what the Galaxy Gear will look like. Samsung will add its new curved glass to the smartwatch and this will be the first device with a flexible display, unless we see some other device at IFA this year.

With the flexible display, it is possible Samsung can manufacturer a whole piece of rounded glass and makes it the smartwatch, without a strap. This may not be a great idea, but it would certainly be interesting to see one piece of rounded flexible glass.

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear is questionable; Samsung announced it right at the dawn of the iWatch rumors. It feels like a device made for the intent purpose of being an iWatch rival, even though Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has announced there will be no new innovative products until 2014.

Pebble smartwatch was one of the first big smartwatch developments that had not flopped. Microsoft and other companies had tried making a smartwatch, but none had any success developing a product people wanted to buy and wear.

Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and other manufacturer now feel like the time is right to make a smartwatch. With the iWatch, we have heard it will feature an aluminium build, but the current problem seems to be battery life, with iOS added onto the device.

The Galaxy Gear may be great; it may fail like lots of Samsung products. It does not really matter for the South Korean electronics giant, as long as they find out what the market wants and markets the brand, they will be back next year with a revamped Galaxy Gear to take on the iWatch.

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