Galaxy Gear 2 extremely easy to repair, iFixit rates it 8 out of 10

Samsung updated its Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch earlier this year and the device is all set to go on sale in the coming few weeks. But even before the smart watch hit the market, the folks over at iFixit took some time to tear down the device. These guys are known for their expert gadget tear downs and their latest experiment shows that the smart watch is extremely easy to repair.

Most of the internals of the device are already known publicly, but the tear down reveals how everything is placed inside. Unlike other gadgets out there, wherein most of the stuff are cramped inside and fixed with glue, iFixit claims that Samsung has made Gear 2 repair friendly with its simple internal layout and the use of Torx screws.

First off, the wrist band is easily removable and replaceable. After the band is removed, the back cover can be removed with the help of a Torx Screw driver. iFitix claims that the back cover comes out easily, so they didn’t have to force their way inside the device.

Once the back cover is off, the battery pulls out easily. Samsung says that it can run for around 2-3 days on a single charge. While this is actually a good figure for a smart watch, the life of a lithium battery is always something to be worried about. But thanks to the simple layout, even if the user wants to replace the battery, they can do so easily without any fuss.

The chassis is fixed tightly so as to prevent any water from getting into the chipset. This also helps gear 2 get its iP67 certification which allows the device to be immersed up to 1m of water for around 30 minutes. That’s pretty decent for a device like a smart watch.

The 2.0 MP camera too is easily removable, so if the user has some problems with this particular hardware, he or she can replace it easily. Once these units are out, the actual chipset, LCD and the motherboard can be found.

Overall, iFixit rates it 8 out of 10 in terms of reparability. This is actually a great figure for a device this small and advanced and much higher than many of the high end flagships currently in the market including HTC One and Galaxy S5.

The new Gear 2 improves on its previous generation in a number of ways which makes it one of the must buy gadgets of the year.

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