Former Leaders from Skype and Other Tech Firms Launch New Chat App

Former Leaders from Skype and Other Tech Firms Launch New Chat AppAbout 10 years ago, Skype was launched to redefine communication online. Now, there is a new app that is set to make another wave of innovations in terms of online  communication.

Janus Friis was among the leaders who launched Skype a decade ago. The service, as we all know was bought by Microsoft. Now, the Danish entrepreneur is not related to  Skype anymore, giving him the liberty to launch a new platform called Wire. It will be synced across Android, iOS, and Mac OS X.

Wire can be used for group or personal messaging. It facilitates syncing of messaging with voice calling and sharing of music, photo, or video. Moreover, all conversations are  synced across various devices like iPhone 6 and other new Android gadgets.

Useful and beautiful

In a statement, Wire said it is aimed at taking advantage of latest devices and of modern advances particularly in cloud computing. Thus, the app aims to deliver a service that is  not just simple but also very useful and beautiful at the same time.

As mentioned, the new messaging platform combines traditional chat service with other useful features like voice, text, and video along with other things like music and photos. To the delight if future users, the company promises to deliver crisp calls with the use of its in-house audio technology. Wire would also support its audio calls going to and coming from its WebRTC-compatible browsers.

Some of the brightest tech leaders

Wire has employed former leaders not just from Skype but also from Apple Inc, Nokia Corp, and Microsoft Corp. It has headquarters in Switzerland with its own development center located in Berlin. Among the co-founders are CTO Alan Duric from Camino and Telio; product design head Priidu Zilmer from Skype and Vdio; and chief scientist Koen Vos, who helped create Opus audio codecs and SILK.

Wire comes as a free messaging app that is available for downloading through iTunes and Mac App stores. Of course, it is also available in Google Play. According to the  company, it is already working on a browser-based version that it may launch soon.

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