Flappy Bird returns in August

Flappy Bird returns in AugustRemember Flappy Bird, the game that made the headlines back in February?

Looks like Dong Nguyen, the developer of this popular game is bringing back the title to the app store sometime around August. The Vietnamese developer who spoke with CNBC recently, revealed this info and even added that the new Flappy Bird will have some extra features to make it exciting.

2014 turned out to be a great year for Nguyen as his simple yet addictive game, Flappy Bird made it to the top downloaded apps charts on both Apple app store as well as Android Play store. His gaming studio, Gears was also generating a lot of money, around $50,000 a day with the help of in-app ads. Just when everything was going well, Nguyen decided to take down the game suddenly.

And as promised, he took the game down from both the app stores on February 9. This shocked everyone, given that he was generating a lot of money and his game turned into the most popular game of all time. But after a few days, in an interview he revealed that he was not happy with the way the users were getting addicted to the game and hence, he finally decided to take it down.

Users were shocked and many thought of this as a marketing gimmick. Some even said that the game would be up in a few days. But as soon as Nguyen said the game won’t come up on the play store, other developers started taking advantage of the popularity of the original game. Thousands of Flappy Bird clones made it to the market, flooding both the app stores.

In the past two months, its popularity has gone down drastically and this is when Nguyen revealed that he would release a sequel to the game in the coming August. The new game would come with multiplayer option and would be less addictive than the earlier game. But how exactly Nguyen aims to achieve this is still unknown.

While many would agree that the Flappy Bird craze is over, which is also evident from the fact that hardly any clones are now on the top downloaded list, the initial popularity of the game could generate downloads for the developer.

Also, money wouldn’t be a great issue for Nguyen as he has already earned way more than he could ever imagine. Further, his other apps like Shurken Block are doing well on the app stores.

So, stay tuned to the website for more information on the upcoming Flappy Bird 2.0.

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