Five minute server outage costs Google $545,000

google-server-infrastructureWhen servers go down, normally the website posts maintenance issues or they will be hard at work getting it back up, this rarely happens with Google and they have become a juggernaut at making sure their servers stay online.

The outage, noticed by almost anyone who regularly uses Google services, lasted from 3:50pm to 3:55pm Pacific Time. All of Google’s services were unusable and the company had suffered from a system-wide blackout, the first for Google.

This means the two most viewed websites, Google Search and YouTube, were both offline for five minutes. Not to mention Gmail, Drive, Maps and Google+, which account for about 40% of the web traffic.


For those five minutes, the web traffic dipped and Google may have lost up to $545,000 in revenue. After Google’s Q2 2013 earnings call, projecting revenues of $14.1 billion, analysts managed to point at about $108,000 in revenue every minute for the search giant.

This will not affect the company too much, although Google engineers must be hard at work trying to find the root cause and make sure in never happens again. While Google has been incredibly efficient when it comes to servers, occasionally we will see one or two services go down for a few minutes, especially Gmail that works on large email processing.

Google is the market leader for a number of services and with this comes a reputation for safety and always being online. The worldwide blackout only lasted five minutes, but if Google cannot control server leaks, they may get hit in the upcoming years by more horrendous blackouts, possibly losing millions for the company.

It is also a big question as to how we would cope without Google services in our lives, many take it for granted that Gmail,, Drive and all these other online solutions are always available, but what if they happened to disappear for a few hours or few days, could we continue to work efficiently.

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