Final Fantasy XV to be released on Playstation 4

Final Fantasy XV to be released for Playstation 4After seven years in development, Final Fantasy XV will appear as one of the first set of gaming titles to be released this holiday season for the long-awaited PS4 system.

The Final Fantasy series has been well-known throughout each generation of the Playstation series and is one of the longest running role-playing titles currently produced. Even before the PS3 was the most recent in the line of Sony systems, development began on the title Final Fantasy Verses XIII. Seven years later the game is finally ready to be released under its new name, Final Fantasy XV, making it the longest production time of any previously released title in the series.

Tetsuya Nomura, the new game’s creator, stated that one of the reasons behind the delays was the engines used in the production for games on the Playstation 3 console. Developers came across multiple challenges attempting to produce the game according to Numora’s plans using current technology. New engine types and technologies used in the upcoming Playstation 4 allowed for the final creation of this long awaited title.

Similar Story Line

Gamers will find that the characters and story line have not changed much from the trailers released during the seven year development process. The primarily played character of Noctis, guardian of the crystals, must defend his kingdom and the crystals against enemies with an engaging adventure that will unravel pieces of the puzzle as you advance.

In-Game Play

One of the most significant changes to the new FF series is the removal of its original turn-based battle play. Nomura has done away with the old fighting style that has been used in every Final Fantasy game for generations. Final Fantasy XV is still packed with action and dramatic battle scenes despite programming changes. You will still find many classic foes along the way, and many other classical elements are implemented into gameplay.

There is also discussion of the possibility for sequels to this new series of Final Fantasy games on the upcoming Playstation 4 console.

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