Farc Members Get Amnesty From Columbia

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Farc members are being reintegrated to Colombian society fairly quickly, as the country’s President has signed the third and final amnesty decree. This is a result of a peace deal that was reached last year, though it did lead to many Farc members going to jail for a while. It seems like that phase of the deal is over, now that the third and final decree was signed by the president.

The latest amnesty decree has reinstated 3,600 former rebels, which means more than 7,000 rebels have been reinstated or released from prison, according to BBC News. Last month, the Farc members started their disarmament process, surrendering over 7,000 weapons to the United Nations mission in Colombia. People in the country can rest early, now that the war is over and more peaceful times seem to be ahead for the nation.

A Marxist rebel group was founded in 1964 to defend the rights of those who didn’t have any land to live in. This ended up lasting more five decades, though peace talks between the group and the government did eventually start in 2012. Said peace talks happened in Cuba and lasted for about four years before a settlement was made between the rebel group and the government.

Originally, talks were rejected by the Colombian people in a referendum last October, but a revised version was approved by congress and signed into law. Now, Farc members are part of a political party in the country, in return for the rebels giving up their arms and being reintegrated to society. Those that didn’t commit serious crimes will be granted amnesty, though those that did do heinous actions will remain in jail.

Due to all this, President Manuel Santos was granted a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Following the success of the Farc negotiations, Colombia rebel group the National Liberation Army, or ELN, also entered formal peace talks. They are being held in neighboring Ecuador.

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