FanTV Set-Top Box Coming to Time Warner Cable

FanTV Set-Top Box Coming to Time Warner Cable

Fan TV originally announced their next-generation set-top box almost a year ago and today the company has announced that they’ve sealed a deal with Time Warner Cable to bring the set-top box to interested TWC subscribers. The Fan TV will be usable by any of Time Warner Cables over 30 million subscribers when the device ships sometime in June of this year.

The Fan TV replaces the user’s current cable box and combines live cable TV with apps like Netflix into a modern, easy-to-use interface. The Fan TV’s interface can be controlled with the included Touch Remote which is a completely touch-based device with no physical buttons. Users will simply swipe and tap their way through the on-screen user interface. Channels on the Fan TV are organized in multiple ways including Favorites, Recents, and A-Z. The Fan TV’s Touch Video Player also makes it easy for users to navigate through the movie or show they’re currently watching.

The device’s Universal Search feature allows users to search for content throughout all their available apps and services. The WatchNow feature will also tell users all the times and places the movies and shows users are looking for are available whether they’re on live TV, video-on-demand, or streaming. Users can even create a Personalized Watchlist to keep in track of their favorite shows and receive notifications when they’re available on demand. Lastly, Social Recommendations show users what’s trending among movie critics or their friends on social media.

“With the rapidly growing number of entertainment choices, services and technologies, finding what to watch and how to watch it has become way too complicated,” said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Fanhattan. “People don’t need a stack of devices in their living room, each delivering only part of their entertainment experience. Fan TV will replace the need for a separate cable box, DVR and streaming device, and will streamline your living room by bringing your  entertainment life into one beautiful place.”

The Fan TV is now available for pre-order at the company’s website for a promotional price of $99. Once the Fan TV box is released in June, the price will go up to $149.

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