Fans May Have To Wait Until Summer To Get Their Apple Watches

Fans May Have To Wait Until Summer To Get Their Apple WatchesThe much anticipated Apple Watch is finally available for purchase; however, unlike the iPhone and the iPad launches, fans will have to first pre-order Apple’s new wearable starting today in order to get one. The Apple Watch will start shipping in earnest on April 24.

Even though some orders start shipping in April, most will only be processed by May into June. The timings of the shipments depend upon the time the order is placed. Those who woke up early to order their new Apple Watches reported that their shipments are expected to be received by May. Most said that their shipments were scheduled to ship in four to six weeks, but some who placed orders a few hours later were surprised to see that their orders were reportedly shipping in August i.e. nearly four months after placing their orders.

The immense response for the new Apple wearable doesn’t come as a surprise given the popularity of other Apple devices. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were some of the most popular gadgets of 2014.

Apple Watch can be pre-ordered only via its online store. This is a different strategy than what Apple uses for its iPhones and iPads launches, which are sold through its brick and mortar stores.

The Apple Watch comes in a lot of different variants, each priced according to the material and edition of the device. The base Apple Sport version starts at $349, and the options go up to $17,000 for the 18 karat Rose Gold apple Watch Edition. There are in all 38 different versions of the device, and a few of them will only be available starting July.

The first Apple wearable has received positive reviews from most reviewers on the internet. However, a majority of those reviews point out that the device has a steep learning curve, which may put off some customers. Another drawback of the device is that it’s only compatible with iPhones, which means Android smartphone users will have to shift to an Apple device to use it.

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