Famous leakster Evleaks announces his retirement

Famous leakster Evleaks announces his retirementAlthough weekends are more or less uneventful days for the tech industry, we saw a shocking announcement yesterday. This was not a new product announcement or even a hot product leak, but in fact the retirement of a famous leakster who managed to keep everyone updated of new products much before its launch.

Yes, we are talking about evleaks, one of the most famous leakster in the industry right now. Evan Blass, the man behind the @evleaks twitter account just announced this Sunday that he would be retiring his leaking business via his twitter account.

He had started @evleaks two years back and since then, he supplied steady information about upcoming products in the market. He has leaked pictures and specs of many well-known devices which later materialized into real products. Some of the leaked products include HTC One M8, the first Android Phone from Nokia, NVIDIA Shield tablet and even Xperia Z2 tablet from Sony. Recently he leaked pictures of a new Samsung device called Galaxy F and it’s quite likely that even this product turns out to be the real deal.

As mentioned above, he has a very good reputation in the industry and his @evleaks twitter account currently has over 187K followers. Out of them, many users are well known tech bloggers and manufacturers waiting to get hot news about upcoming products.

While Evan did not state a particular reason for his retirement on his twitter account, he later on had an interview with the Next Web, where he revealed the real reason of his retirement.

According to Evan, leaking gadgets is not really a profitable business. Most of the users who are looking for new leaks follow him on twitter. As they get information right on twitter many of them don’t bother to check out the website which helps Evan generate revenue. Moreover, most of the users who visit his website have installed some kind of ad blocking software which further reduces his revenue.

Evan Blass was earlier diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was progressively worsening, so it was necessary for him to secure himself financially. As a result, he decided to quit the unsustainable leaking business to try out something better, financially.

And if you are hoping that he will return back to this business, then you’ll probably be disappointed. He further added in his interview that he will most certainly not return back to leaking as he is now looking forward to an entirely new career.

Now that evleaks has announced his retirement, whom do we go to for leaks on hot new products? Well according to Evan, TK O’Connor of TK Tech News would be a great place to start. In case you don’t know TK, he’s the guy who’s been talking a lot about OnePlus One and giving it the attention that it deserves.

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