Facebook to remove chat feature from its main app to promote FB Messenger

Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networking website and there are millions of customers who use its Android and iOS application daily. One of the key features of the Facebook app was the inbuilt chat feature, which allowed a user to chat without having to download a standalone app (Facebook messenger).

However, according to the notifications received by European Facebook app users, this chat facility will soon be removed from the company’s original app. Instead those who want to use the chat facility will have to download the separate Facebook messenger app.

The company’s messenger application has been on the app store for a long time, but as the chat facility was available on its main application, many users didn’t find it necessary to download the second app. So, they were happy to check notifications, receive and send messages and read newsfeed right from the original application.

However, Facebook’s app has been criticized in the past saying it slow and laggy. While it does prove to be an all-purpose Facebook portal to its users, the app interface and the performance have not been as good as other rivals.

With this disintegration, Facebook aims to improve both the applications. It will give the company the opportunity to address issues raised by critics like being slow and oversized. The company could easily issue updates to these applications separately to improve their respective functions.

According to Facebook, the chat facility in the original app created more friction while replying to the messages. Hence, the company feels that users will be able to focus more if they have a dedicated app for the function.

The notification to the European users states that they have around two weeks before the transition takes place. However, the exact date of change is not yet revealed. It also adds that the user will receive multiple notifications before the change actually occurs. Only users who have a low end phone with an outdated operating system will not be forced to migrate. But given that most of the phones run Android ICS or above, that won’t actually matter.

This move is actually not that surprising, as the company’s recent purchase of Whatsapp shows that it is interested in the IM market. The company has updated the app with plenty of new features like floating chat heads and Facebook stickers. While, it may take some time to get used to these new features, the experience may not be as bad as it sounds.

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