Facebook Somehow Gets Back at Princeton University

Facebook Somehow Gets Back at Princeton UniversityJust the other day, Princeton University released findings of its study that projected an 80% major drop in users of Facebook between 2015 and 2016. In its released paper for the research, the Ivy League university made a more interesting forecast: that Facebook would eventually wane and become a thing of the past soon.

The Princeton University study asserted that if things go as forecast, Facebook could possibly become the next MySpace, the once popular social networking site that has instantly fallen into oblivion. Some analysts and observers agreed and pointed out that the same happened to some other social networking sites.

Firing back

Now, Facebook is like getting back at the university by giving it a taste of its own medicine. In a tongue-in-cheek statement, some data scientists recently asserted that Princeton University would also soon be just a thing of the past.

In a hilarious statement, the Website fired back at the university. Lada Adamic, Mike Develin, and Sean Taylor, data scientists at Facebook, predicted in jest that the university would soon undergo a rapid drop in enrollment in the coming years.

They forecast an 80% loss of students by 2015 and 2017. They asserted that the forecast was based on the same methods and approaches that were featured in the Princeton research. Thus, they say that the New Jersey-based institution would soon die off.

According to the forecast, Princeton would lose half of its current enrollment volume by 2018. In the same rate, the university might lose all its students by 2021. It could be a shocking data if the institution would take it seriously. But readers could only laugh about it.

Not to be taken seriously

However, the Facebook ‘research’ was admittedly ‘not so scientific.’ In a hilarious statement, the group said that based on its robust scientific analysis, the future generations could only imagine the ‘now-rubble’ university that it said ‘once walked the earth.’

Interestingly, the Facebook research examined Facebook Page ‘likes’ for Princeton University when compared to other major and prestigious universities like Yale and Harvard. That, according to the group, was an alarming trend.

Based on the same data, Princeton University’s ‘likes’ on Facebook suffered a drastic decline in page likes four years ago. It has only slightly recovered from that decline in 2011 and in the succeeding years. Facebook ended their mock research findings by saying that while they are concerned about the destiny of Princeton, they are more concerned about the planet’s fate.

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