Facebook Rolls Out ‘Video Creative’–A Service Supporting Video Ads

Facebook Rolls Out Video CreativeFacebook has launched a support service for video ads. It is called the ‘Video Creative.’ Through it, advertisers could finally post video ads to promote their apps on the social network. The goal is to further entice users to download or try any app advertised in the Website.

In a blog post, Radu Margarint, the company’s software engineer disclosed that Facebook is very confident about the effectiveness of Video Creative in bolstering users’ engagement in the News Feed. He assured that the Website would help developers in finding new apps to be installed through the new video ad service,

Ads on users’ News Feed

Facebook began posting ads on users’ status updates and pictures appearing in News Feed last year. Eventually, that service was integrated into its mobile app version, where at the same time, the company introduced the option to possibly download apps from the News Feed. Thus, mobile ads could now be accompanied by a video especially if the developer prefers to combine the two.

Needless to say, mobile ads on the social network would surely stay. Interestingly, Facebook is coming up with ways to make those ads even more exciting and attention-catching. After rolling out the support service for video ads, there surely would be another service to be launched to further enhance those ads.

Other added features

The launch of Video Creative comes about a month following a recent announcement about the News Feed update. That improvement tends to auto-play any embedded video as Facebook users scroll down through their News Feed. Each video is muted by default. But users could easily and quickly tap an icon to hear the sound of the video or to watch it in full screen.

It is expected that the Website’s next announcement and launch would pertain to simplified ad-buying process targeting developers. Those specific users could now set and determine cost per action or CPA bid. They would also not be required to make any payment unless they download and install any app. The new and upcoming features would eventually and gradually be rolled out across Facebook in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also announced that Google Inc has pledged its participation in the FBS real-time bidding exchange. Thus, in the coming several months, clients who use the DoubleClick Ad network of Google could start using DoubleClick Bid Manager on FBX.

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