Facebook Rolls Out New Social Search Engine

Facebook Rolls Out New Social Search EngineFacebook seems determined to continue evolving to cope with the times. Starting July 8, the giant social network would start rolling out an advanced search feature that would make it much easier for its users to find people, photographs, interests, and places within the expanding Website.

Its new search tool is called Graph Search, which was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in January. Back then, he described this new feature as a new and better way to find information that is deemed relevant to social media users.

Graph Search would appear as a larger search bar at each page’s top portion. It would replace the typical white search bar that Facebook users have become accustomed to. Its functions would differ from regular search engines in that it would ask combination of phrases to yield results from its own network of users.

Search features

Through the new search tool, it would be easier for Facebook users to find friends who live in a specific city. It would be faster to search for photographs of your new lover years before you met him/her. You may even try looking for restaurants in your area that your own Facebook friends like. The possibility for searches within your social circle could be limitless.

Graph Search is expected to further help keep users engaged on the Website. The search tool promises to deliver great speed and accuracy to every search query. The tool bar is also set to suggest potential search terms while you key in your search keyword.

Privacy repercussions

Logically, privacy issues are expected to arise from the launch of Graph Search. To address potential concerns, the company is set to notify and remind its users about how sharing information would make them easily searchable within the network. It would remind users to check and monitor their privacy settings so as to control information shared on the Website.

Facebook reiterated that Graph Search could only search for information that could already be seen and retrieved on the network. Information that users don’t like to share with other people would not be searchable through the search tool. This somehow facilitates privacy protection.

The company advices that it would take several more weeks before all users in the US English setting would enjoy and use the new search feature. Initially, a great fraction of its 1.1 billion users worldwide would be able to start using Graph Search this week. It took the company about 6 months to complete testing the feature before its roll out.

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