Facebook Reportedly Plans to Launch Standalone Apps so It Could Takeover Mobile

Facebook Reportedly Plans to Launch Standalone AppsFacebook Inc may seem very interested in the massively popular and widely used mobile ecosystem. Well-placed sources have claimed that the social networking site is currently planning to develop and launch a suite of standalone mobile apps this year.

The company has recently released major updates for its own Messenger app on Android and iOS. Its photo-sharing service, Instagram, has also been updated not long ago. Sources believe that Facebook is definitely pursuing more efforts to launch more mobile apps.

According to sources, instead of adding more features into the Facebook app, it is more likely that the company would rather launch standalone mobile apps. Those would reportedly be dedicated apps that would deliver a single purpose, whether messaging, news-delivery, or photo-sharing. In fact, other sources are confident that it would soon roll out a newspaper app similar to Flipboard.

There are also speculations that Facebook would also come out with search and calendar apps. Those may be designed to further buildup the Graph Search and Facebook Events features inside the social media Website. However, the company is yet to confirm or deny such reports.

Waiting for Zuckerberg’s words

This is one of the reasons why many analysts are waiting for Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear as keynote speaker at the upcoming Barcelona Mobile World Congress. The event is scheduled in the later part of next month. In his upcoming speech, Mr. Zuckerberg is expected to give more detail over Facebook’s constantly growing interest in mobile businesses. There are also anticipations that he would possibly announce some of the reported standalone apps.

Mr. Zuckerberg was recently quoted during an earnings call as saying that the company would soon launch the new Messenger app. Some analysts noted that when he says something about future plans, the company actually does and launches new features. In his own words, Mr. Zuckerberg said something about following through such announced plans (for the apps).

But according to analysts, the possible move would come with risks. If Facebook pursues speculated plans on the messaging trend, it has to contend with issues surrounding its Poke app, which flopped recently. It may also consider how Snapchat recently rebuffed its acquisition offer worth $3 billion.

In some instances, Mr.Zuckerberg was also quoted as saying that he plans Facebook to be the future ‘personalized newspaper.’ This could be evident when the latest News Feed updates provide greater emphasis on news. But for now, all we have to do is to wait.

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