Facebook Messenger has a hidden payment option

Facebook Messenger has a hidden payment optionJust last week, we found that Facebook was trying to get into the healthcare industry by establishing online communities for people suffering from different ailments. Today, we have another report which says that the company is working on something different i.e. a payment system which makes sending and receiving money quite simple.

Unlike most instances, where such unofficial details are leaked by an insider, this particular feature was apparently already integrated into our Facebook messengers. The feature was hidden inside the messenger code, which means, Facebook could unveil it with just a simple update.

The code was first spotted by the security researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski who used Cycrypt to get into the messenger code and unlock the feature. Using the app exploration tool, Jonathan turned on this hidden feature to check it out how it works.

According to him, the feature is very simple to use. In fact, it’s just like sending a picture. All you have to do is select the debit card and input the amount to send the payment. As an added level of security, you also have an in app security code to authorize these transactions.

Clearly, this would be a revolutionary feature if it’s easy to use and available for most Facebook users. There are more than one billion users currently using the website which means a simplified payment system could clearly change the way the industry work.

While the code didn’t specify the amount the company would charge per transaction, Facebook could offer the feature for free initially which can drive a lot of new users to the app. So, even if users have plenty of
options to choose from when it comes to staying in touch with their friends and family, a feature like this could clearly set it apart from other competitors.

This news also explains a number of other moves by the company recently. For example, David Marcus, who was the former president of PayPal, is the current head of Facebook Messenger. At that time, we were
wondering why Facebook brought David into the team, but now things are quite clear.

Also, Jonathan notes that the payments made and received by the messenger users are never published in the news feed. There’s even a note that says multiple payments will be supported in the future, but initially the feature supports just one payment at a time.

Facebook had hinted a new feature in its recent earnings call, but at that time, the company cautioned investors that it would like to take things slow to develop the overall system perfectly.

Now that the feature is already integrated into the messenger, we feel it’s only a matter of few months until its official unveiled by the company.

So would you ever use Facebook for sending money to your friends?

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