Facebook keen to get into the healthcare industry

Facebook keen to get into the healthcare industryIn the past two years, many new start ups and tech giants have announce products which track the overall health of the individual. The basic idea of such analysis is to make sure that the user remains healthy and any problem is immediately identified.

Google, Apple and many other tech giants have come forward to have a go at this industry and looks like there’s one more company that’s keen to get into this booming industry.

According to Reuters, Facebook is planning to create communities online, so that people with the same ailments come together to discuss about their issues.

The source states that three people familiar with the matter said that Facebook is starting online communities to connect Facebook users having the same illness. Although the project is still in the idea stage, the
company has already held meetings with medical industry experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the overall idea.

Further, the source adds that a separate team is working on a different project which aims to develop applications of preventive nature. So, the company might be trying out its luck with fitness apps that can track calories and overall progress of the individual, thereby improving their lifestyle.

Health is one of the most important aspects of an individual and more and more users are trying to shift to a healthy lifestyle. Apps and fitness products are making it easy to track your overall progress, which is further driving up the demand for such fitness products.

So, it’s not surprising to see Facebook figuring out ways to get into this industry. Such online communities will be helpful for illness affected users and it will pave a platform for people suffering to come together and talk about their issues. Fellow users in the community can even suggest something to improve the condition, given that they had or are going through the same issues.

However, Facebook has one big hurdle to cross .i.e. privacy. The social networking giant has been accused to violating privacy of its users in the past. Recently, we even came to know that the company conducted a social experiment by tweaking the user’s news feed which naturally adversely affected the overall image of the company to the extent that it had to publicly apologize to its users.

So, only if Facebook can guarantee anonymity and respect user’s privacy when it comes to such matters, can it expect a project like this to work.

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