Facebook Hires Editors for its News App

Within the coming weeks, Facebook is expected to roll out a new feature—a news app to be called Paper. Thus, the popular social networking site is looking for qualified professionals who could fill in vacant positions for editors. According to reports, the Website has already spent several months looking for and hiring contract editors for the upcoming app.

It is interesting how Facebook is turning to the old school process of hiring human editors. Basically, the new job would mainly involve selection of news articles that would be delivered to millions of users of the online site from across the world. It seems that right at this point, the company would not want to leave the task to software or machines.

According to two sources, who are well-placed and are privy about the matter, the editors to be hired would oversee about 10 various news verticals within a broad range of topics. They would curate a mix of probably the best stories for every particular subject area that Facebook users would see on a regular basis.

Paper, the news app

Paper is touted to become a mobile news aggregation app. The verticals would feature stories that would be hand-picked by the editors to be hired. It is expected to be rolled out directly into Facebook and would automatically appear on news feeds or timelines of the site’s users.

After a few years, the news app could be finally launched in several weeks. Facebook has been working to develop the new feature to make it even more interesting and helpful at the same time. According to reports, it would directly compete with existing aggregation news apps like Flipboard, Prismatic, and Trove.

Current news aggregation apps typically choose news stories from dailies like the New York Times. For Paper, the editors’ job descriptions are expected to include posting status updates as well as Instagram photographs.

Possible role of the app

Paper could possibly aim to help convince different media outlets from around the world that it could be the best service for news distribution. In the same path, Twitter had already touted its own status as an appropriate tool for news dissemination real-time.

For now, Facebook has refused to provide more details about the job vacancy and its hiring process. But prospective applicants could search for possible job ads or posts within the social networking site.

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