Facebook Files Lawsuit against Lawyers over ‘Fake’ Founder Claim

Facebook Files Lawsuit against Lawyers over ‘Fake’ Founder Claim

Would you believe that there is another founder of Facebook other than Mark Zuckerberg? Interestingly, a group of lawyers in the US does. And now, the social networking site has to defend itself by suing them.

The company this week filed charges against members of huge law firms Milberg LLP and DLA Piper for representing a man who previously claimed that he owns a major stake in Facebook. The social networking site simply stated in its complaint that those lawyers should have known better than support a ‘scam’ artist.

Facebook and Zuckerberg are seeking unspecified damages from the group of lawyers who have decided to participate in the legal case brought about by Paul Ceglia. It includes legal fees and compensation for the harm and frivolous litigation process. The company claims that those legal teams somehow conspired for the fraudulent lawsuit against Facebook on behalf of Ceglia.

Dismissed complaint

At the center of this case is the legal complaint filed by Ceglia in 2010, wherein the latter claimed that he and Zuckerberg had agreed in April 2003 to design and develop a new  online site called ‘The Page Book’ or ‘The Facebook.’

Back then, Ceglia being the complainant was firm on his stance that he was entitled to half ownership of Facebook. Logically, that case was dismissed in court after the legal team behind Facebook successfully proves that the complainant ‘doctored the contract’ and even fabricated his evidence. As a countersuit, the company filed a fraud complaint against Ceglia.

Knowing better

In the new lawsuit, Facebook contends that the group of lawyers who represent Ceglia should have known that the latter’s legal complaint was a fraud. The company even  argued that the dismissed case was filed by a convicted felon who has a standing history of committing several fraudulent scams. Facebook even maintained that Ceglia’s claim was an ‘implausible story’ backed with ‘forged documents.’

However, Facebook admitted that Zuckerberg knew Ceglia back in 2003 because the latter asked the then Harvard student to design a Website called Street Fax for him. That came long before Facebook was conceived. And the company claimed that Ceglia did not pay the full agreed amount of contract.

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