Facebook Dislike Button Is Here! But It’s Not What You Think It Is…

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In September 2015, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was finally working on a “dislike” button for posts. The challenge that Zuckerberg and team faced though was coming up with a “dislike” button that would not propagate negativity, but could somehow convey empathy, sadness or sympathy.

This was the compromise that the Facebook CEO agreed to since his initial objection to the first time the “dislike” button was proposed. At the time, he felt that a “dislike” button would not be “great for the community” nor would it be “socially valuable.”

Thus, the birth of Facebook’s latest feature, “Reactions.” The new feature will entail six emojis that will allow users to click on either, “love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness or anger.” Facebook will be testing its latest features in both Spain and Ireland to see if the feature is okay to introduce to the international market as is, or if it needs to be improved.

The reason why the two countries were chosen as Facebook’s guinea pigs was because “both have largely national user bases without extensive international friend networks, so they work better as closed test groups. Ireland is English speaking, while Spain lets Facebook test out how well the wordless emoji play with non-English users,” says Adam Mosseri, Director of Product.

“Reactions” will be available on both the mobile and desktop version of Facebook and will not only make conveying emotions easier for users, but will also give page owners and publishers valuable insight about their followers.

For example, with the “like” button, page owners and the like could simply identify if an article or product was liked by users. However, with reactions, we can now tell how a user emotionally connects with content – giving more insight to advertisers and page owners with regards to how they better sell their product to the Facebook community.

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